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Pictures from production, performance, and other things related to Bold Enough To Say

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Garden City - Showtime!:

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Shooting Tone 2 - Who Art In Heaven:

Shooting Tone 3 - Hallowed Be Thy Name:

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The People of Bold Enough To Say:

Timothy Webster & Katherine DiGerolamo - direction, choreography, visualization, staging, and stars of the "Who Art in In Heaven" video Drew Padrutt - Graphic designer with a resume that includes Broadway musicals, nonprofits, music labels, universities, and the apparel, food and travel industries. Drew came up with the BETS logo and branding concept. Andrew Ashley - New York City photographer who has taken the photos that have been used in almost every press piece published about BETS so far. Also took the shot of Billy on the Kickstarter page. Check out Andrew Ashley Photography. He's super! Max Chance - The Steven Spielberg of Bold Enough To Say, Max is a Long Island filmmaker who is directing an eleven minute short film that explores the "tones" of the three songs that open our show. K. Jeanne Person - Billy's faculty advisor, Jedi Master, and subject of his latest song, "The lovely jeanne" Carl Basler - lead guitarist on the Bold Enough To Say album, as well as lead guitarist in the live band for the theatrical piece. Carl also helped write the script for the short film (coming soon) and has been making music with Billy for nine years. Jesse Maynard - the beat of Bold Enough To Say. He and Billy have been playing together since Jesse was in high school and Billy was in (photo by Andrew Ashley Photography) Scott Harding and Billy Webster have been friends for more than three decades and fans of each other's music for almost as long. We are beyond excited that Scott is laying down some sweet bass tracks on the BETS soundtrack album. Rock!!

Shooting The Kickstarter Video: